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Environmental Education and Advocacy

We advocate for comprehensive enviromental educational curriculum while fighting for the preservation of our enviroment

As one of the architects of the USVI’s bans on plastic bags, straws, and toxic sunscreen, Beyond Visions LLC is working closely with the legislature on education and advocacy, to protect the community that we love. Current estimates cite humans currently produce more than 350 million metric tons of plastic waste per year. globally, injuring and killing marine life and destroying habitats. We strive to mitigate and protect the natural habitats of the Virgin Islands. Through our goals we explore solutions, we also show how amazing environmental preservation can be. With the Nature explorers club we tour landmarks through hiking in a majestic scenery of wild Anthuriums, Bromeliads, Royal palms, Thatch roof Palms, Coconut Palms, Mahogany trees, Mangrove Forest, Black Olive trees, Genip, Tourist trees and many more trees that make up our ecosystem.
Plus your tour guide is one of the Caribbean most respected Naturalist, Ras Lumumba Corriette.


  • Plastic Reduction Project



  • Nature Explorer Club

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