You can't catch a cub without going into the tiger's den." 


                                                                                                                               Chinese Proverb



The adage saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” is more than mere words.  It is a fundamental necessity for all healthy stable societies to continue to exist and flourish. The nucleus of this inference is tied directly to the duty of its members that the health and well-being of the children of any society is certain.  The “village” concept of raising a child is the responsibility of all its adult members not only for the children within the society, but of their own as well.


BVF believes that a supportive family structure is key to our society’s success.  The term, “family” goes far beyond our common definition or presumption of simply a two-parent, male/female or biological component, but grounded in the definition that a family is anyone and everyone who, through a network of support, provides the growth, development and nurturing of children to instil society’s values through basic actions such as love, education, guidance in a nurturing environment.


Actions or behaviors that do not provide the support for this practice should be discouraged.

BVF programs support the successful transition of children from birth to become responsible adults in their respective societies. 

Constructive Parenting (CONPAR) - Raising Children To Become Responsible Adults 

This 28-week program provides a well-rounded approach in help parents in their most important and challenging tasks - Preparing society's next generation of leaders. The program encompasses approaches using poetry, videos, video production using vignettes, games, videos, workbooks, and other activities to teach effective parent engagement and ommunication skills,  healthy eating/cooking, budgeting and other  techniques.

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It's My Life, My Responsibility: Willing to Wait (Willing to Wait)

BVF conducts the Community-based Abstinence Education program,  My LifeResponsibility: Willing to Wait that focuses on improving the life choices that participating youth make by teaching them pro-social and decision-making skills. Learning these skills are aimed at improve core values and beliefs that positively impact their lives and provides the framework to become responsible and self-sufficient adults. The program includes the development of their own behavioral guiding principles to that will impact on  their actions or issues regarding sexual behavior and other life-changing decisions. This will also impact on such matters as reducing the risks factors associated with  unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol and substance abuse, early initiation to sexual activity that leads to teen pregnancy, exposure to sexual transmitted diseases and emotional scarring. These guidelines developed by youth participants were enable to benefit by adhering to their own developed beliefs and make rational decisions through thought, word and deed.

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Film Project
The Youth Film Project seeks to provide youths who would not normally have the opportunity to tell their stories with digital media tools. The project is currently being developed into a curriculum with three segments: Still photography (with a special underwater photography component), dramatic short movies, and documentaries.  Curriculum conceptdevelopments includes Animals, Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services, Public Po
licy, Religion & Spirituality and Public Policy. 

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