Earth . . . we share this planet with many diverse and incredible species. Some microscopic, yet important to our continued existence on this planet. Though enduring, the environmental health of our planet is fragile and requires us to be stewards for ourselves and other creatures with which we coexist. 


According to the World Wildlife Fund:

  • All seven species of marine turtles are listed on Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), thus international trade is prohibited amongst the 166 CITES member nations.
  • Seven out of the 13 great whale species are still endangered or vulnerable, even after decades of protection.
  • Conservation interventions are the product of human decisions, and require changes in human behavior to succeed.

Is there such a thing as “sustainable development”. Should we spend billions upon billions of dollars of exploratory space travel when our fellow humans on other countries or even just across the street are starving? At what costs to others and ourselves do we keep expanding our population? These types of questions require deep thought, honest discussion, and sacrifices. Moving to a paperless society, minimizing unnecessary comforts, and seeking the enjoyment of life’s simplest natural gifts are all ways to protect and safeguard our environment and blue planet on which we live.

Environmental Education & Advocacy Programs

Vocational trainings provided by our team of experts.

             THE NATURE                        EXPLORER'S CLUB

The Nature Explorers Club was originally founded in 2008 by youths living in the housing community of Bethlehem Village and Profits Hills aka "Harvey" Community. The name "Harvey" was derived from the original bauxite processing plant, Harvey Aluminum Corporation owned by Leo Harvey (1962). The housing community is located across the street from where the families of the youth participants live.


The youths attended a retreat and conducted a SWOT (Strengths, Weakneses, Opportunities, Threats) within their community and identified the goals, objectives and strategies that they wanted to address. The name for NEC encompasses their belief that their needs and their quality of life hinges on a clean environment and they play a role in insuring that occurs. 


Gain expertise in glass-forming techniques by being able to inflate molten glass into a bubble using blowpipe. You'll be constantly supervised and guided.


Make your own pottery and impress your friends with your unique and creative results. Understand and practice the end to end process of pottery.
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